May 9, 2017

Yoga Goes Airborne with the New Levitat Aerial Mat Taking Fitness and Core Workouts to New Heights, Now Available on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INMay 9, 2017

Lighter than two water bottles and stored in a handy backpack, the suspended mat provides people with an innovative way to practice yoga anywhere to maximize their yoga practice, and strengthen and tone their core

Levitat, a new aerial mat that offers yogis a way to enhance their yoga experience and achieve a more intense core workout, has launched on Kickstarter.

“Our inspiration for Levitat came from practicing stand-up paddle surfing (SUP) yoga and being able to simply have fun and unplug from the norm,” said Enoc Armengol, creator and co-founder of Levitat. “ Our aerial mat simulates the constant unbalance you feel while on the water, but the beauty of Levitat is it can be used nearly anywhere, and it’s light and portable.”

Like SUP yoga, Armengol says Levitat allows yogis to maximize their core training while allowing them to ‘feel’ when their yoga position is correct or incorrect.

“Levitat also offers a great way for surfers, climbers and other athletes and sports enthusiasts a way to strengthen and tone for other sports,” Armengol said. “Our aerial mat provides an innovative way to get a full-body workout anywhere and everywhere.”

Lighter than two water bottles and stored in a handy backpack, Levitat is completely portable – and easy to set up.

“It takes less than three minutes for a person to create their own personal oasis,” he said. “It can be setup outdoors using trees and even inside.”

Armengol says that with Levitat, people can enjoy all the benefits of their classic yoga training in a shorter period of time.

“As a bonus, when you’re done with your workout, you can also invite your friends to enjoy the outdoors with Levitat as a multi-person hammock in the trees,” he said.

Levitat’s primary uses include:

  • Yoga, offering yogis a new way to challenge themselves and focus more
  • Cross-training, which improves core strength and balance
  • Relaxation, whether used for yoga or as a multi-person hammock
  • Meditation, allowing users to take their mindfulness to a higher level of absolute peace and comfort

“After eight years of practicing yoga and loving the results, I found that I was missing that certain spark that I felt while practicing other physical activities,” Armengol said. “With Levitat, yoga enthusiasts have the opportunity to experience a new way to enhance their training and to connect with themselves and their surroundings.”

Levitat is available at early-bird discounts during crowdfunding. For more information, visit the Levitat Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

About Levitat
Levitat was created from the simple idea that a suspended mat could elevate, transform and help center a yogi’s training and life. With unparalleled focus on design and innovation, the aerial mat offers ample space, combined with breathable, weather-resistant mesh perfect for any type of activity – or to sit back and relax. The versatile 360-degree design also creates a unique new experience for the user. For more information, visit