May 22, 2017

TReGo is a Trolley that Instantly Transforms a Bike into a Practical Cargo Carrying Bicycle in Seconds

New Delhi, INMay 22, 2017

Live on Kickstarter, TReGo is a revolutionary new trolley that instantly upgrades any bike into a cargo carrying bicycle.

TReGo, the revolutionary new trolley that instantly upgrades any bike into a cargo carrying bicycle, is live and trending fast on Kickstarter with a designated ‘Project we Love’ from the leading crowdfunding platform.

TReGo is a trolley, made to carry heavy things across towns and cities. It is also the world’s first trolley that transforms any bike into a practical cargo bike in seconds, making transporting goods and objects even faster.

“We are all avid cyclists and it is our mission to get more people back onto their bikes. Especially on short distances, the bike needs to be a viable option to the car. but most of the times, it is not. The reason why your bike is not an alternative, is because its practically impossible to carry anything of size with you,” says founder Ofir Yadan. “We are convinced that if people could carry heavier things on their bikes, they would leave their cars at home and run their errands on their bikes instead. we all just need the right solution.”

TReGo’s transformation is magical. Thanks to a patented FAST-connector, no tools are needed, no permanent modifications are done to a bike, and hands never get dirty. One quick snap, and an everyday bicycle becomes a fun and useful three wheeled ride capable of carrying up to 50lbs in weight.

The tilting wheels add a dynamic and agile feel to the ride, allowing riders to lean into turns with maximum stability and speed. Thanks to three wheels, riding a bike has never been safer, especially when carrying a large load or a child. TReGo is also equipped with two hydraulic brakes for the highest performance and will be certified in EU & USA abiding to all safety standards and regulations.

TReGo is a true door-to-door solution tailor made for urban living. Riders can easily transport heavy loads or bring home groceries on their way home to work. The ability to use it as a standalone trolley means it can go where a bike can’t and an optional TReGO towing car kit means the carry capabilities are almost endless.

“Too much traffic, pollution, city life needs to change. you have heard it all before: we need to live a more sustainable life and bike are a solution. They are clean, no parking problems and its healthier than sitting in a car,” adds Yadan. “Everybody already has a bike, but is not using as much as they could, because of the transportation limitations. TReGo upgrades YOUR bike and transforms like never before and turns it into a fun-riding, load carrying cargo bike in no time. Fun meets functionality.”

TReGo is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

Abou TReGo

TReGo is a multifunctional trolley made to carry heavy things anywhere you go. Just place your cargo on the loading surface and pull it behind you. But what makes it unique, is that it is the first trolley that connects and disconnects to the front of your bike in seconds. Simply replace the front wheel with our connector and you are ready to go. TReGo is unlike anything you have ever seen.

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