May 24, 2017

Startup Introduces New Line of Watches Made From Space Rocket Material

New Delhi, INMay 24, 2017

Werenbach Watches has raised over $621K on Kickstarter for their luxury watches.

Werenbach Watches, a Swiss startup, has designed and engineered a new line of luxury watches made from space rocket material. Each watch offers an unique design based on which piece of the rocket the watches are made from. The team has turned to Kickstarter and, with less than a week left in their campaign, has successfully raised over $621K thanks to nearly one thousand backers.

“The aim here was to create a luxury watch collection that everyone could afford,” said Patrick Hohmann, founder and CEO of Werenbach Watches. “Plus, by using various parts of the space rocket, each watch has a very distinct and authentic look. It’s truly a beautiful watch that is sure to stand out when wearing it.”

Werenbach Watches are designed from Soyuz MS-02, which launched on October 19, 2016 in Kazakhstan. Onboard the spacecraft were three astronauts, one American and two Russian. The Werenbach Watches are made from the first rocket stage (booster and fairing). Once the rocket reached an altitude of approximately 50km, the booster was jettisoned, and the fairing followed suit at an altitude of 85km. Both the booster and the fairing descended back to Earth and landed in a military-restricted area in Kazakhstan.

Each watches’ color will depict which part of the rocket the material comes from. The different signs of wear in the material, such as scratches, make each model in the collection unique. The Model 1 watch is made from the inner surface of the booster and is black-anodised with fine scratches. Model 2 offers a dial cut from the inner surface of the rocket booster. The surface has been left in its original condition for additional authenticity. The Model 3 watch is made from the outer surface of the booster in its original condition with fine scratches.

The last two models, Model 4 and Model 5, are available in limited quantities. Model 4 is currently available in 300 pieces due to its limited usable material from the fairing. This model comes in its original condition in color shades. Lastly, Model 5 is available in an limited 600 pieces. This particular model is made from the exterior cladding of the rocket engine in its original condition with fine scratches.

The luxury watches start at about $546 and are expected to ship by November this year. The Werenbach Watches team has successfully raised over $621K thanks to nearly one thousand backers. For more information on the campaign, or to back the project, visit

About Werenbach Watches
Werenbach Watches is a Swiss-based startup that designs and engineers unique, luxury watches. Each watch is made from real space-borne rocket material. The idea behind Werenbach Watches was created in 2010, and later became a reality in 2013 once the first watch was designed. Werenbach Watches has two collections: the Atelier Collection and its newest line, the Earth Collection. For more information on Werenbach Watches, visit