July 19, 2017

SPIRITUS®, Advanced Activewear Sporting Silver and Infrared Tech, Surpasses Campaign Goal on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INJuly 19, 2017

New activewear designed with the young professionals in mind allows for an easy transition from office to gym

The new activewear from S P I R I T U S ®, engineered to boost energy levels and promote cell regeneration while remaining dry and odor-free after a workout, has surpassed its goal on Kickstarter less than a week after it was launched on the crowdfunding website.

“We’re excited to see the response from crowdfunding backers for this revolutionary new activewear,” said    S P I R I T U S Co-founder Kevin Dinh. “We know that once people workout in this activewear and find they are less sore and the clothing also stays dry and free of smells, they’ll know how different S P I R I T U S is from any other activewear on the market.”

Designed with the young professional in mind, S P I R I T U S is advanced active-wear manufactured from an exclusive fabric that combines infrared and silver technology – developed through a collaboration between two American fabric tech companies, textile experts and a textile manufacturer.

“The thermal reactive minerals embedded into the activewear’s fabric converts body heat into infrared energy, which promotes blood circulation, energy recovery and cell regeneration,” Dinh said. “At the same time, our trademarked PROFORMANCE™ fabric wicks away moisture.”

Dinh adds that S P I R I T U S has been proven to dry up to 35 percent faster than traditional fabrics on the market today.

In addition, the use of pure silver fiber in PROFORMANCE prevents unpleasant odors and keeps the active-wear smelling fresh, during and after workouts.

After spending two years on research and development, the S P I R I T U S team created the PROFORMANCE line of activewear: a premium all-black collection that focuses on sleek simplicity and modern design, crafted to complement any body shape and support their movements.

The silver technology in the active-wear is provided by, the company, XT2®. With the infrared technology provided by Celliant®, the team effectively brought the technology that’s commonly used for medical applications into the world of sports and fashion.

For more information or to purchase S P I R I T U S at a discount during crowdfunding, visit the S P I R I T U S Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

About S P I R I T U S
Based in Australia, S P I R I T U S ® is a dynamic team comprised of an engineer, a fashion designer a personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts with a common goal to create the most technologically advanced, premium quality, comfortable and great looking active-wear in the market. The team includes Kevin Dinh, an engineer graduated from the University of Melbourne, Kent Le, a self-taught entrepreneur who has a successful business in sports shoes, and Brianna Wood, an Australian fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in apparel product development and design. The team developed an exclusive hi-tech material in collaboration with two esteemed American fabric tech companies, textile experts and a textile manufacturer. For more information, visit http://www.spiritusactive.com/.