May 15, 2017

After Raising nearly $150,000 on Kickstarter, Crowdfunding for the Low-Maintenance, Economical Micro Veggie/Herb-Growing EcoQube Frame Continues on Indiegogo InDemand

New Delhi, INMay 15, 2017

Decorative vertical garden from Aqua Design Innovations takes the guesswork out of growing nutritious veggies economically in any home or apartment

Continuing to build on its success on Kickstarter, where Aqua Design Innovations (ADI) raised 15-times its funding goal and received nearly $150,000 for its innovative EcoQube Frame, crowdfunding for the vertical micro-veggie and herb-growing garden continues on Indiegogo InDemand.

“More than 2,700 backers, some from as far away as Australia and Singapore, ordered our EcoQube Frame and we’re extremely thankful for everyone’s support throughout our campaign,” said EcoQube Founder and CEO Kevin Liang. “We believe these and many other consumers want to grow nutritious veggies and herbs affordably at home, and they’ll continue to have that opportunity as we continue our crowdfunding efforts at Indiegogo InDemand.”

Micro-veggies have up to 40 times the nutrients of regular vegetables, and Liang said he developed the EcoQube Frame to provide the easiest and most economical way to grow the most nutritious food anywhere.

Each EcoQube Frame contains two sections with one plant pad for each section, and each plant pad has hundreds of small pockets that hold the seeds in place so the plants sprout evenly. A reservoir at the bottom of the frame feeds water upward into the seed pads until they sprout. The reservoir waters the plants automatically, so users don’t have to worry about over watering or root rot – a common problem when growing plants or micro-veggies.

“By simply adding fertilized water, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious micro-veggies in less than 10 days,” he said. “It’s by far the easiest and most compact way to grow indoor plants vertically without soil.”

As demonstrated in this time-lapse video, which shows how quickly plants grow in the EcoQube Frame, anyone can grow up to $25 worth of micro-veggies in 10 days. By eliminating the need to buy expensive store bought micro-veggies, the product essentially pays for itself after one month.

In addition to providing food, EcoQube can also be used to easily grow interior plants for the decor of any house, apartment or business.

Aqua Design Innovations introduced EcoQube Frame following years of research, and Liang says the product represents “a big step towards a healthier, more sustainable future.”

For more information and to purchase the EcoQube Frame at early-bird discounts for a limited time during crowdfunding, visit the EcoQube Frame Campaign Page on InDiegogo InDemand.

About Aqua Design Innovations (ADI)

ADI strives to transform the way that we see, grow, and obtain our food. The end goal is to bring sustainable farming inside everyone’s home through accessible & easy-to-use beautiful living decor. Our goal is to innovate with nature and reconnect people with our environment. We see that our world is facing some serious issues in terms of food and water shortages, and we want to be a part of the change for the better. Visit for more information.