April 14, 2017

Playford Games Launches Capere Board Game on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INApril 14, 2017

Newport Beach, CA – April 13, 2017 | Playford Game, publisher of Cartography and game designer Paul Ali are seeking funding for their new game, Capere on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Capere – a card-driven strategy game for 2 and 4 player, is a light abstract strategy game set in the time of Roman civil war, where players maneuver their armies by drawing cards to decide their next move. Scattered among the deck are cards representing ancient Roman gods. These god cards may help or hinder a player’s chance at winning and their unpredictability could threaten even the most perfect strategy.

“When I taught middle school in South LA, I used games as learning tools. Sometimes I would create games to suit my needs. Sometimes I allowed students to create their own games,” said Paul Ali. “After retiring, I had time to pursue my passions. I wanted to make a new kind of game. One that would balance strategy against elements of chance and unpredictability.”

The Capere Kickstarter campaign features the game at $35, plus shipping to anywhere in the world. Premium Edition, with game pieces made of figures of roman soldiers in resin, is available at $80. The designer & the company are seeking $12,000 in funding.

About the game:

In Capere, Players draw cards that determine the number of spaces their soldiers can move on the board. There are four types of movement cards and seven cards representing ancient Roman gods with special powers. Minerva’s Oracle, for example, gives player a second chance at drawing a better card. Medusa, on the other hand, turns a player’s soldiers into stone causing him to lose a turn. The object of Capere is to be the first to score six victory points. One victory point is scored when one of your soldiers reaches your opponent’s first row. Another victory point is scored when one of your opponent is surrounded by your army.

Capere can be played in 15-20 minutes for 2 or 4 players, ages 8 and up. Game components consist of a 8×8 circular patterned boards, 45 cards with 11 designs and 24 marble stones in four different colors.

Capere is now available for pledging on Kickstarter, with a target delivery time in September, 2017.

Number of players: 2 or 4
Playing time : 15-20 minutes
Recommended age: 8+

About Playford Games
Playford publishes high quality strategy board games to bring people together to connect, engage and to share a time of joy and reflection. Playford’s collections of games include the Moral Conflict series of strategy war` games and collection of social abstract games including Cartography, ILIOS and Ancient Conflict.

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