April 14, 2017

Pivot Watch | Minimal Design with Highest Quality Components

New Delhi, INApril 14, 2017

Pivot Watch is a minimal, Scandinavian inspired timepiece. It is made with the highest quality components, yet at an affordable price. 3 stainless steel cases, coming in brushed Silver, IP-plated Rose Gold, and IP-plated Matte Black, can be matched with any Italian leather strap, in Tan, Dark Brown, Black or Navy Blue. Swiss Ronda movement, Sapphire crystal glass, and medical grade 316L stainless steel complete the high quality component spec.

Pivot was founded by accomplished product designer Oliver Whittaker, in Bristol, UK. After purchasing other minimal, analogue watches, and encountering problems with them keeping time, Oliver felt disillusioned, and bravely decided he could do it better himself. Pivot Watch was born out of the desire to create something better; something that will last. Oliver noticed that other minimal watches on the market were either too cluttered (not by any definition ‘ minimal’ ), or were so minimal that it was actually difficult to tell the time. Following a design principle of “Design less, but better”, Pivot Watch aims to provide just the right balance of information. A clear and precise face design allows the user to check the time easily and efficiently, but without unnecessary clutter, while a date counter provides essential functionality. The case has been designed to sit on the wrist as unobtrusively as possible, while an Italian leather strap has been designed without stitching to minimise clutter. The range aims to offer customers complete flexibility over their look. Using an interchangeable strap mechanism, the leather straps can be switched in a matter of seconds. The Kickstarter rewards allow users to choose multiple straps, meaning you can change your look according to your daily style. The watch is designed for both male and female wrists, and with a 40mm diameter face, looks suited to any size of wrist.

The design process was completed in Bristol by both Oliver Whittaker and Hannah Jenkins; two designers with a passion for simple, well-made and aesthetically beautiful products. Thousands of sketches, tens of rapid prototypes and acrylic assemblies, multiple CAD models and tens of production samples later, the design of Pivot Watch has been completed, and the product is ready for manufacture. In order to start production of Pivot Watch, a minimum order of watches requires £10,000 of tooling, shipping and materials. This is where the crowdfunding site Kickstarter helps Pivot Watch achieve funding, from backers all over the world. By pledging to the project now, backers help Pivot Watch become a reality, and in return will receive their watch from the first production batch in September. The first day of the Kickstarter campaign saw Pivot Watch achieve over 25% funding, so it’ s trajectory is looking very promising. The campa ign will run for 28 days until May 7th, but get involved soon for those Early Birds, and to be one of the very first Pivot Watch owners. The campaign can be found at www.kickstarter.com

Contact Information:

Oliver Whittaker – Founder
Instagram – @pivotwatch
Tel – (+44)758 733 1791