May 18, 2017

NOMATIC’s New Backpacks Attract More Than $1 Million from Crowdfunders on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INMay 18, 2017

For the creators of two new innovative backpacks made for daily use and short trips, this marks their second million-dollar crowdfunding campaign

Nearly 5,000 crowdfunders have pushed preorders of the NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack past the million-dollar mark on Kickstarter, the second time Salt Lake City Entrepreneurs Jacob Durham and Jon Richards have broken the million-dollar mark with their travel accessories on the crowdfunding website.

“We really want to thank our customers on Kickstarter for their outpouring of support for our new backpacks,” Durham said. “We incorporated many of the features our past customers suggested in developing the NOMATIC Backpack and NOMATIC Travel Pack, which we feel has a lot to do with success we’ve found on Kickstarter with these new products.”

This is the second year in a row NOMATIC products have surpassed the million-dollar mark during crowdfunding. Last July, Durham and Richards marketed the NOMATIC Travel Bag, which raised more than $1.7 million to become the most-funded travel bag in Kickstarter history.

Earlier this month, the team introduced the NOMATIC Backpack, developed for everyday use, along with the NOMATIC Travel Pack, specifically designed for one-to-three day trips.

Each share a similar sleek look and the following features:

  • Strong waterproof zippers and tarpoline material that will last forever.
  • A full parameter zipper that gives users access from all sides and offers a full view of the inside for added visibility when packing.
  • A unique strap design that allows users to switch between briefcase and backpack for times when they need to look more professional or when they’re on the move.

Each bag features more than 20 pockets, with each developed for a special purpose:

  • A quick-access fleece pocket for valuables
  • Multiple mesh elastic pockets
  • RFID Blocking and lockable security pocket
  • A removable hard protective shell for glasses
  • Multiple mesh zipper pockets
  • A Notebook pocket
  • A hidden pocket for important items like cash, passports, etc.

The NOMATIC Backpack, developed to offer the perfect bag for everyday use, was designed with the assumption that everyone packs differently. A customizable Velcro panel allows users to make the bag fit their particular needs and lifestyle. Each bag includes three options: the tech pocket, the paper organizer and the shoe and/or clothing pocket. A special system also allows users to expand the bag from 20 to 24 liters for extra room as needed. Also, the laptop compartment is safely surrounded by foam and can easily hold a 15” laptop.

The NOMATIC Travel Pack is the perfect travel companion for one-to-three day trips – or for those who need to carry more items with them each day. This bag includes a full perimeter expansion, allowing users to increase the interior volume from 20 to 30 liters. To help compartmentalize packing, the bag includes a mesh dividing wall and a built-in shoe or clothing compartment. The laptop and tablet compartment also opens to lay flat, which makes it easier for travelers when going through airport security checkpoints. Each Travel Pack also includes a compression packing cube to help users pack even more into the backpack.

For more information and to pre-order at heavily-discounted early bird prices during crowdfunding, visit the NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

Originally named BASICS when founded in 2014 by cousins Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, the company launched its first project on Kickstarter – the BASICS wallet. After raising $171,000 for the product, the pair quit their day jobs and focused on developing travel and work-related products with innovative designs and functionality. The BASICS wallet was followed by the BASICS Notebook, which raised nearly $400,000 on Kickstarter. The company, based in Salt Lake City, changed its name to NOMATIC to be more reflective of the range of products it produces for the consumer market. In July 2016, they launched the NOMATIC Travel Bag – which raised more than $1.7 million to become the most-funded travel bag in Kickstarter history. For more information about the company’s range of products, visit