May 31, 2017

The MONKII App Contains Over 200 Workouts you can do Anywhere—Time to Cancel Your Gym Membership

New Delhi, INMay 31, 2017

The fitness startup known around the world as the “anti-gym,” just released a free training app with hundreds of workouts.

The monkii app allows you to workout anywhere. The workouts are designed specifically to be used when traveling, at home, or outside. With over 200 workouts, 9 categories, and 4 full-length, high-resolution, follow-along videos there is more than enough content in the first version of the monkii app to keep you moving for years.

The monkii app is the digital training companion to monkii bars 2 which raised over $1 million on Kickstarter last August. The monkii team even added a sleek phone holder to monkii bars 2 to make it super easy to use the monkii app whether you are at home or in your hotel. For those that prefer to get out and be a little bit wilder, you can do all of the workouts anywhere you can setup monkii bars 2. The monkii team also realized there are times when you forget your bars or cannot access them. For these emergency situations, the monkii app features a bodyweight workout category which requires no equipment; just you and gravity.

For those new to monkii training, the ’21 Day Habit’ program is meant to strategically built the new monkii up to the more challenging workouts in the app. Chief Adventure Officer, David Hunt, came up with the idea when reflecting back on his time at Georgetown University, “I remember a professor saying that it takes 21 days to form a habit. That idea stuck with me for the last decade and I’ve been able to integrate the concept successfully in my own life to become a better monkii”. In today’s world where free time to exercise is becoming more scarce every second, the ‘Life Hacker’ category features workouts that are short (but by no means easy) so that you can sneak in training in between meetings, naps, or airport layovers.

Monkii bars 2 are an especially effective core training device and thus the app contains an entire category dedicated to this section of the body. “Building a strong core is the answer to staying active and having adventures. Whether you are hiking to Machu Picchu, SUPing the Colorado River, or staying fit while you circle the globe, having a solid core will make that experience better” says monkii Dan, Elder of the monkii Society. “Monkii Training was born in the wild when I was working as a Wildland Firefighter and Wilderness Ranger. The world literally became my gym and I’ve since taken that mindset to designing workouts that you can do anywhere and escape the gym.”

The monkii app works with any suspension workout device. Not to mention, features a DIY for monkii bars. “The reason monkii exists is to inspire people to be active. We make an extremely high quality product, but we also wanted to make monkii Training accessible” comments Vinson.

The monkii app is currently available to download in the app store.