June 2, 2017

Backers Warm up to Ravean’s Multi-Zone SereneHeat Micro Fiber Blankets and Down Comforters, Sending the Company’s Newest Products Over its Kickstarter Campaign Goal

New Delhi, INJune 2, 2017

Ravean, known for its popular heated jackets and accessories, introduces lightweight, ultra-soft heated blankets – and the first-ever heated comforter on the market today

Ravean, known for its state-of-the-art heated jackets and accessories, has used its expert heating technology to develop SereneHeat Blankets and Comforters – and crowdfunding backers have sent presales of the new products well over the company’s campaign goal initial goal of $20,000 on Kickstarter.

“We’re certainly not the first to bring heated blankets to the marketplace, but the SereneHeat Blankets are the safest, more durable, highest quality heated blankets on the market today,” Ravean Co-founder Bryce Fisher said. “Also, with three-level temperature controls and separate heating zones on each blanket, these blankets make it easier for couples to adjust the heat and find their own personal comfort settings. With the blankets, along with the first-ever heated comforter, it’s easy to take control of your side of the bed.”

The Ravean SereneHeat line of products includes twin and queen-size heated luxury plush microfleece blankets and a 90-by-90 inch heated down comforter.

Features include:

  •     High, medium and low temperature controls
  •     Easy access integrated controller
  •     Dual-zone heating area control
  •     Ultra-safe heating low voltage system
  •     Heated carbon fiber technology
  •     Intelligent shut off
  •     100 percent washable
  •     Ultra-soft materials for added comfort

The twin throw has two heating areas on the upper and lower sections of the blanket, while the queen-size blanket and down comforter have four separate heating areas.

Fisher notes that the heated carbon fiber technology means the heating elements in any of the SereneHeat blankets or comforters are virtually undetectable, as well as safe and comfortable.

“With our patented low-voltage system, all our SereneHeat bedding products are safe enough for anyone to use, with all our blankets and comforters safeguarded from wetness, ripping and other damage-related issues,” Fisher said.

For more information about SereneHeat Blankets and Comforters, or to purchase either product at a discounted price during crowdfunding, visit the SereneHeat Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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