June 6, 2017

LUCIS returns with an All New Product Line and Accessories

New Delhi, INJune 6, 2017

The crowdfunding success story and award winning Lucis lamp from Innovative Brands is back with an updated line of products and accessories. The portable mood light allows users to instantly select from over 16 million different colors.

Lucis, the award-winning ultra powerful, wireless mood LED lamp, is back on Indiegogo with an all-new range of products and accessories making this the strongest and most powerful mood light on the market.

Lucis was previously one of 2015’s breakout crowdfunding stars, having raised nearly $100,000 and going viral with tech, design, and gadget media. The product was awarded one of BuzzFeed’s ‘Coolest Products of the Year.’ After a successful fulfillment period that saw the company ship thousands of Lucis lights to dozens of countries worldwide, the company is back with an all new range of products sure to excite new fans and charm previous customers all over again.

“With the Lucis Lamp we wanted to create a lamp that extends above all the rest: from the balance between ambience and light intensity, to a powerful battery and good design. We then top it off with the perfect finish while using only the highest quality materials,” says co-founder and designer Simon Koop. “Our new models and accessories are perfectly aligned with our mission to design the world’s greatest portable lamp that is able to seamlessly meld in every aspect of our lives.”

The company is proud to introduce two unique new models to the Lucis family; the Lucis Lite™ and the more powerful Lucis Bamboo™ with handle. The Lucis Lite™ is a more affordable option and has a matte finish with a special water repellent coating. The most powerful Lucis ever created has arrived as well in the Lucis Bamboo™, which boasts 450 lumen (50 watt lamp). This makes it the strongest and most powerful portable mood light on the market.

In addition, Lucis is back with a new range of accessories to ensure the light fits in any room with any interior design setup; from midcentury to minimalism. Joining the previously release tripod model is the Quadpod Stand, available in both Zebrano wood and aluminum. The all-new Zebrano Handle gives the Lucis an extra element of lantern-like portability while the Cotton Lampshades add a touch of warm luxury to the lights. Also available for the first time is the Lucis Travel Pack which includes a transport pouch, bottle connector, keycord, and hanging hook.

The All New Line of Lucis Products is live and available to purchase on Indiegogo InDemand: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lucis-world-s-most-powerful-wireless-mood-led-design#/

About Lucis / Innovative Brands

Innovative Brands designs, develops, produces and brands consumer products. The company builds high-end solutions for their clients through a worldwide production and distribution network. As a Holland based company, Innovative Brands has strong Dutch design roots with the highest quality standards. The head of design has more than a decade of expertise designing sports cars for Spyker. The sourcing and production department of Innovative Brands has several years of experience working with production facilities in markets worldwide.

For more information on Lucis visit: http://www.lucislamp.com