June 1, 2017

HomSecure, A Smart WiFi Device Connecting Home Alarms, Continues Raising Funds on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INJune 1, 2017

Designed to connect existing home alarms using smart WiFi, this device sends alerts to a user’s phone while they’re away

Wavepod Technologies has raised over $15K on Kickstarter for their newest product, HomSecure. The device was created as a more affordable solution to using smart technology, and to stay updated on the status of users’ homes. There is no monthly fee, no need to replace or move existing alarms and very little setup is required.

“Our home is a safe haven where we create and keep some of the most cherished moments of our lives. That’s why we try our best to keep it safe and secure,” said Sundeep Chauhan, CEO of HomSecure. “Most homes have multiple alarms, including smoke, Carbon Monoxide and security alarms. So, we thought it would be easy, smart and informative to connect all of the alarms within one, easy-to-use device.”

Large companies like ADT Security Services charge consumers hundreds of dollars a year to have the same accessibility to the security of their homes that HomSecure provides. In addition, only one device is needed per home, making this device a fraction of the price. The app is available on both Android and iOS, allowing users seamless integration.

Not only is HomSecure cheaper than alternatives, but it also detects more alarms and notifies homeowners when they sound. These alarms include smoke, carbon monoxide, security, and water. By listening to its surroundings, the device acknowledges when an alarm is detected. From there, the device transmits a signal to the application installed on the user’s smartphone. It works with a wide variety of each alarm type, allowing consumers to keep their existing products, and convert them into smart devices by using HomSecure.

Most smart home automation systems require installation by the company that consumers choose. However, HomSecure can be installed by the customer by plugging it in and connecting it with their WiFi at the home. In case of a power outage, internet connection problem, or tampering, HomSecure is programmed to notify the user immediately. It is user friendly, and provides the constant smart security that consumers desire.

HomSecure has successfully raised over $15K on Kickstarter with a little over two weeks left in their campaign. The first backers can take advantage of discounted prices starting at just $69. For more information, or to back the project, visit bit.ly/HomsecureKS.

The team has been working extremely hard since June 2016 to ensure HomSecure is not only a concept, but an actual product. Wavepod Technologies has already developed both an iOS and an Android app, a cloud platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and successfully manufactured the final design prototype. In the process, they have established partnerships locally and abroad to enable them to successfully manufacture HomSecure. For more information, visit bit.ly/HomsecureKS.