April 19, 2017

GeckoTek 3D Printer Build Plates Launches Second Kickstarter to Fund New Product Launch

New Delhi, INApril 19, 2017

EZ Stick 3D Printer Build Surface by GeckoTek Fits Any 3D Printer, Prevents Peeling, and Allows for Easy Part Removal

GeckoTek 3D Printer Build Plates, a startup based in the HCDC business incubator in Cincinnati, is excited to launch its second Kickstarter campaign.

During the first campaign (held in 2014), GeckoTek received $60,000 in crowdfunding dollars that was used to set up operations and produce its first product, the GeckoTek 3D Printer Build Plate. Sales of the first product have steadily increased, but requests and suggestions from end-users have now resulted in the development of a new, lower-cost Build Surface that works with any 3D printer.

GeckoTek would like to introduce its newest product: the EZ Stick Build Surface. This product improves on the first in that it can be cut with scissors to fit any 3D printer on the market, and has a more durable coating allowing up to 200 uses before a replacement needs ordered.

“We received an amazing response to our original Build Plates, but there are so many different 3D printers out there that we couldn’t make a different size to fit each one,” says GeckoTek CEO Brad Ruff. “To solve this problem, EZ Stick is made from a durable high-temperature polymer film that you can easily trim with scissors to fit your build platform.”

GeckoTek launched its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on April 14, 2017, and has a goal set for $20,000. Early bird pre-orders start at $15. The Kickstart campaign can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/geckotek3d/ez-stick-3d-printer-build-surface-by-geckotek.

About GeckoTek

GeckoTek launched its first Kickstarter Campaign in 2014 and received an amazing response. The company was able to deliver on the promise that it made to create “The Most Advanced 3D Printer Build Plate.” The company learned a great deal from its first campaign, and now has existing suppliers and infrastructure to speed up the production and fulfillment process. To date, the organization has shipped more than 5000 Build Plates.

For more information, please visit http://www.geckotek3d.com or contact Brad Ruff: 419-575-4697 or brad@geckotek3d.com.