April 14, 2017

Fenice Media Hopes To Raise £5,000 To Bring To Life A Unique Educational Adventure Children’s Book

New Delhi, INApril 14, 2017

Where’s funky monkey? A fun adventure children’s book.

Where’s Funky Monkey has recently launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from only £4 for the lowest pledge, book is the first educational search and find children’s book set in real world locations.

Funky Monkey is a fun loving monkey who takes his friends on an adventure across the globe, visiting a whole host of captivating and well known locations.

Destinations featured will include, Taj Mahal, Great Barrier Reef, Great Wall of China, Dracula’s Castle – Transylvania, Colosseum – Rome, London – UK, Pyramids of Giza – Egypt, Yellowstone – USA, Machu Picchu – Peru, Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Russia and the Jungles of Africa.

The reader will have to find Funky Monkey and his ten friends in each spread, as well as ten bananas and the treasure. Each spread will have an interesting fact and only local wildlife will be featured along.

Osmaan Mahmood, Founder at Fenice Media, explains: “I believe stories and tales are one of the strongest influences during our formative years. Everyone has a book that made the world seem exciting and full of possibilities. My aim for Where’s Funky Monkey is to be the book for the next generation”.

Example of a fact: “Although jungles only make up around 6% of the planet’s surface area, over half of the world’s species live in a jungle environment” with cultural details and references unique to that location.

You can back Where’s Funky Monkey on their Kickstarter page now starting at £4 for a PDF colouring book. There is also the option of donating a certain number of books to libraries/schools of your choosing.

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