April 18, 2017

EHM launches a Kickstarter Project in Bid to Create a Negative Pollution Vehicle that can also Scrub CO2 from the Air

New Delhi, INApril 18, 2017

Efficient Hydrogen Motors (EHM) has designed a green automobile of the future that is able to extract carbon dioxide from air.

Efficient Hydrogen Motors (EHM), a startup company whose goal is to create a vehicle with a revolutionary hydrogen-powered engine that will also actively extract CO2 from the air while it is being driven, has launched a Kickstarter project. The project can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/603142870/automobile-with-carbon-dioxide-capture

The project is the brainchild of French inventor Andre Morin, who designed the hydrogen engine technology, and Dr. Wilson Hago, who developed the CO2 scrubbing process. Mr. Morin, a retired pilot , sailor and entrepreneur, brings to the table a wide range of technical and practical know-how, which he has used to drive his quest for a vehicle and engine system that will not only make use of clean fuel, but be powered by a revolutionary engine specifically designed for this purpose. He has pursued his goal for a “negative pollution footprint” vehicle against all odds, convinced his vision is now, more than ever, closer to becoming a reality.

Dr. Wilson Hago, a graduate of Brown University with a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, shares Mr. Morin’s dream. Dr. Hago, co-founder and Chief Technical Adviser of EHM, has been a long time advocate of clean energy, with a focus on biofuels. As Dr. Hago explains, “The transportation sector produces a third of all carbon dioxide emissions. Progress is being made with electric vehicles, which are close to being zero pollution vehicles when renewable sources of energy are used. We thought we could do better than a zero pollution vehicle, so we asked what if we could turn our vehicles into pollution scrubbers, so that as you drive, you also contribute to reducing pollution by removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air? Our automobile is based on a “Negative Pollution Footprint” idea. Now, each time you drive to the store, or across the country, you are an active participant in our fight for clean air and a better world for our children.”

The engine system designed by Mr. Morin and Dr. Hago will result in a clean powered vehicle that also captures ambient CO2. This is ever more important as world levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHG) continue to climb, putting us in uncharted territory. As Dr. Hago explains, “We have invented an engine that sucks carbon dioxide out of the air during its operation. This engine uses hydrogen as fuel and efficiently burns the hydrogen to produce water as exhaust. Hydrogen can be derived from renewable sources. A typical gasoline engine is not suitable to burn hydrogen. Hydrogen is a leaner fuel and burns 7 times as fast as gasoline. Our engine takes advantage of the basic properties of hydrogen to optimize the conversion of the hydrogen chemical energy to mechanical energy.”

EHM’s goal is to create a functional prototype that will power an automobile, delivering 200 HP and with a range of 300 miles on 4 kg of hydrogen. The vehicle will be able to capture over 10 kg CO2 per day of typical US driving of 30 miles daily.

Dr. Hago further adds, “We believe in a better future, and we know millions out there want to also do their part. Our vehicle platforms will turn each and every driver into an active participant in our negative pollution footprint goal.”

For further information, please contact:
Wilson Hago, PhD
EHM Co-founder
(805) 400-4196