May 22, 2017

CoolBro, the Life-Changing Fridge Experience, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

New Delhi, INMay 22, 2017

Today CoolBro, the world’s most innovative fridge assistant, has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Every day, people struggle with finding the coldest drink of the bunch hiding in their refrigerator. And let us be honest here – Nobody likes to drink their refreshments warm. But you have to spend a lot of time with setting up the drinks in the right positions. That is why CoolBro has been designed to assist everyone with always grabbing the coolest drink and save them precious time.

“You always see people hanging around their fridge looking for a drink in an enjoyable temperature,” said Patrick Slavicek, Lead Product Designer at CoolBro. “And that is all you need when a thrilling game is on TV or your party guests are craving for a nice cold one. So, we came up with an idea how to make life much easier for everybody.”

CoolBro is a one of a kind patented gadget for your refrigerator that simplifies cooling of drinks. Up to 11 cans, bottles or jars can be stored in the CoolBro. Once a drink has been removed you can add the next one right away and you will never have to deal with stacking the bottles in the right order again.

CoolBro was born in Germany where we have a saying. “A good beer needs seven minutes.“ – And for the last seven months we have been working on the best cooling experience guaranteeing you never have to suffer from drinking a warm beer again.

“When coming up with the idea we always tried to think about a device that will make life easier for businesses as well. During the development of CoolBro we worked closely with barkeepers and club-owners to see how we can provide the perfect support to their everyday work,” Chris Jäger, Sales Manager, added. “Having a CoolBro installed in the refrigerators improved the efficiency drastically as employees spent less time with refilling the machines.”

CoolBro will be available in two different colors and everybody wanting to pre-order one for themselves or friends can do so from May 22nd – July 1st. During the Kickstarter campaign, you will have the opportunity to get yours from only 20$.

For more information visit CoolBro on Kickstarter or at