April 14, 2017

Brewista Announces Plan to Continue Selling NutraMilk After a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

NutraMilk makes nut milk or butter from virtually any type of nut or seed in less than 12 minutes

New Delhi, INApril 14, 2017

The team at Brewista has announced their plan to continue selling their patented NutraMilk appliance through Indiegogo’s InDemand service. NutraMilk, which raised nearly $67K on Kickstarter, makes nut milk or butter from virtually any nut or seed in 12 minutes or less. The team has collected such great feedback from backers and the general public that they’ve decided to continue collecting pre-orders over the next few weeks.

“The traditional homemade nut milk making process can take up to 14 hours. So, we’re excited to offer consumers a simple solution to making homemade nut milk or butter,” said Brian Gross, President of Brewista. “Moving to InDemand allows consumers who missed the first round of deals the opportunity to back our project before it hits shelves worldwide.”

Making homemade nut milk can be tedious. With NutraMilk, consumers simply add their preferred nut, blend it to a butter and either enjoy as is, or add water to make nutritious milk. With NutraMilk, consumers no longer have to soak, press and strain their nuts. Plus, with its patented technology, NutraMilk is able to make up to two liters of milk and preserve even more nutrients during the process.

Not only is NutraMilk a cost-effective solution for making homemade nut milk, but it’s also easy-to-clean and store. Ideal for consumers with dietary needs or restrictions, NutraMilk creates chemical-free and preservative-free nut milk and butter. Consumers can rest assured NutraMilk offers finely filtered and emulsified nuts for a smooth, great-tasting nut milk that can last, when refrigerated, up to two weeks.

Brewista is currently offering NutraMilk in a 110v model for U.S. and Canadian backers, and a 220v model for international backers. While Kickstarter backers received the best deals possible, InDemand backers can still purchase NutraMilk at a discounted price. The Brewista team expects NutraMilk to retail for approximately $300. The 110v model is expected to ship this October and the 220v model is scheduled to ship this December, just in time for the holiday season. For more information, visit the InDemand campaign at bit.ly/NutraMilkIGG.

About Brewista, Inc.

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