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    There are only couple of dedicated crowdfunding related forums available on the internet and there is an urgent need of this kind of forums which must have active functionalities like quick signup and registrations. I tried to signup a couple of dedicated forums but those leaded to a new page and finally i couldn’t registered to discuss my project.

    The 2nd point is I started this forum so that crowdfunding campaigner can talk to each other & help each other out during a crowdfunding campaign. We will monitoring this forum and we have to deal with a lot of forum bots, service spammers, and questionable businesses in near furture, We will be very strict to our guidelines and will remove every unrelated thread or topic.

    Guideline For Every Crowdfunding Campaign Creators:

    1. The website will only allow you to create a new topic, reply. You could provide feedback, comments, or add thoughts to other discussions.

    2. Post in the appropriate section.

    3. Don’t be rude and spam your link.

    4. Be sure to include your campaign link in your signature.

    For Advertisers/Business Service Providers or anyone offering paid services:

    1. You must PM or email me to get approval to promote a paid product or service on this forum. Failure to do so can result in post deletion or account deletion without warning.

    2. If by our own reasoning we determine that you are a bot or use a fake account to promote your business, we may delete your account(s) and post(s) as we see fit.

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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