• Crowdfunding Marketing : FAQ

How you promote a crowdfunding campaign?

We proceed with a simple approach, collect all the campaign related information form the campaigner and start building campaign presence on social media.

Well It’s depends upon, the budget of the campaigner and chosen package, if the crowdfunding target goal is higher than $10000 then we have to get maximum info and build a marketing plan.

How many times a day do you promote my campaign page?

Usually, we tweet/post campaign links with contents, 3-5 times daily & from several different, large Twitter pages that we manage. This guarantees that your page receives incredible exposure and this strategy helps the fundraising campaign go viral.

I just brought a package, When will my order be processed?

We receive the orders in every hour everyday, 365 days a year! All orders that are received between 8:01pm PST and 09:59pm PST are processed and scheduled between 10:00AM PST and 8:00pm PST, next day.

Please ensure your that after your payment is processed your form is complete or your order will be delayed/held pending manual override in the system.

Post buying a package, in case if i will need support, how would i contact OGrowth?

Please use the Email Support System. Drop an email at support[@]ogrowth.com

Due to-high Orders, We are receiving too many requests, please have patient and keep yourself calm. NO support is offered through Facebook or Twitter.

How do I know that you have started promoting my campaign page?

Before we will start marketing, we do send an email to the campaign owner, If we are working on twitter, we make sure our content has your Twitter so that you will receive an update in your Twitter “Notifications”. In other social platforms we follow the same procedure, despite having the campaigners handle on that particular social platform.

Once we finish the campaign, we prepare and send a detailed report to the campaigner.

Which crowdfunding platform you do prefer?

We have had great success with campaigns posted on all Crowd Funding platforms such as KickStarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, IDidIt, Razoo, Fundly, FundRazr, ketto and many more!

If you have a specific Campaign provider you want to confirm simply create a Support ticket & we will make sure someone from our team will answer it promptly.

How soon can you start promoting my fundraising campaign page?

Our scheduling system ensures EVERY tweet other post is delivered at a specific date and time so you KNOW it is getting delivered!

We will begin promoting your campaign page as describe above within 24 hours of receipt of your completed form in the case of holidays. Usually we will start immediately or within 6 hours max provided that your form is COMPLETE and not missing information.

I’m planning a campaign, which package is suitable for me?

Though, our marketing packages are well defined and result oriented, all the packages gets maximum exposure to the crowdfunding audience.

If you are planning a campaign, target goal is above $10000, then you must go with the $499 package, you can compare this package with all other packages and get to know, this is the suitable and affordable for 30 days promotional activities.

For next 30 Days, we would be along with your marketing team.

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