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Professional Crowdfunding Promotional Services

OGrowth is an exclusive crowdfunding marketing agency to promote your product or service to a wide audience.

With multiple options to target all backers – OGrowth is the right marketing resource for your product launch & promotion.


Unique Engaging Style

OGrowth engages crowdfunding backers with it’s own unique contents, this process can be adapted to suit almost any kind of project. Use OGrowth services to raise funds through crowdfunding.


Designed for Every Campaign

The services are comprehensively for any number of backers, OGrowth is well prepared to impress your crowdfunding audience.

Access To Premium Tools

OGrowth uses most popular crowdfunding marketing tools & it helps to improve, keeps the services getting better that gives complete control.

Responsive Landing Page Designing

OGrowth team uses it’s professional designing expertise to produce responsive landing page so that the content blocks ready to be fitted out with copy and images an thats the perfect way to design the crowdfunding landing page.

Landing Page is important part of any crowdfunding campaign, because it’s where you will mention the campaign pitch, the landing page must be properly designed as per crowdfunding industry needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking platforms have huge audience for crowdfunding community and specially twitter has a wide audience which can be targeted for each and every campaign.

Our user engaging contents will provoke the users to visit the campaign or landing page, we target all the social networking platforms.

  • Crowdfunding Marketing & Promotion

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Effective Explainer Video Production

OGrowth helps to produce quality explainer videos which are any time between 2 to 3 minutes and delivers the exact solution to a problem, considering first 30 seconds are important.

  • Maximum Exposure

    OGrowth team of experienced crowdfunding consultants will give you advice on how to successfully run a crowdfunding campaign. Our team has turned around hundreds of crowdfunding projects.

  • Featured Campaigns

    Have your Crowd Funding Campaign Featured on the OGrowth website. This profiled feature alone can attract potential donors and supporters to your Campaign..

  • Social Media Promotion

    We will promote your project on the most popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn. Your project will be exposed to our large number of followers which will increase your number of backers.

Press Release Writing &
Google News Submission

OGrowth Professional writers who are experts in writing Crowdfunding Press Release copies according to submission requirement by Google News so that your Project will appear in the first page of Google News.

Simple plans – No fuss.

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“Asking OGrowth was the quickest decision I’ve ever had to make. The detailed information of marketing package was what sold it for me.”

— Jake Hillier, Kickstarter campaign

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